Brush my son’s teeth

My 11 month-old son has six teeth now.  I have been trying to clean his teeth every night, but it’s too difficult.

First, I tried to brush his teeth with a normal toothbrush, but he wouldn’t stay still at all. He didn’t allow me to put the toothbrush into his mouth. I was afraid that the toothbrush would stick in his throat, so I gave up.

Second, I tried to wipe his teeth with a wet cloth, but I was bitten by his cute teeth.  It was so painful that I almost cried.  I really didn’t know what to do.

Then I came up with a good solution. I bought a strawberry-flavored toothpaste for him. He was happy to put the toothbrush into his mouth, as I expected, but he just licked it as if it was a lollipop.  He never let me brush his teeth.  Um… What should I do next to clean his teeth?