A conflict between work position and moral position

I’m working at a Japanese language school where most of the students come from Nepal and Vietnam.  My job is to collect tuition and dormitory fees.  It’s really difficult and sometimes I feel sorry for them; nearly half of the students cannot pay the fees by the due date.  I am obligated to ask them to pay the fees as soon as possible.  Their answers are always the same; “Sorry, I don’t have the money right now.  I will pay as soon as I get my next paycheck.”

I have also studied abroad so I know very well how hard it is to live in a foreign country.  In addition to their studies, they work part time jobs to cover their living expenses.  I wish they didn’t have to work, and could just enjoy studying and living in Japan.  I’m worried about their health because sometimes they look so exhausted, but as an employee of the school I have to tell them to pay their fees.  It’s a painful position for me to be in. (This has a double meaning; work position and moral position)