The first step on the ground

It’s been three months since my son started walking.  When he just started walking, I was so excited and counted how many steps he took.  But now, it’s common to see him walking and I haven’t cared about the number of steps. 

Because it was sunny and he looked full of energy at home, I made him put on shoes and took him to the park.  It was the first time he walked outside. 

At first, he sat down and started crawling, but after a while, he walked a few steps. I was so happy to see his first steps outside, but the next moment, he fell and skinned his forehead.  He cried a lot, and we hurried home. He cried himself to sleep. 

Although I was beside him, he got hurt.  I felt sorry for him at that moment. I hope his scratch heals soon and he enjoys playing outside next time.