Gradual Entry

I will get back to my work in a month, so my son starts to go to daycare today. In the first week, there is a gradual entry into his daycare. The first day is from 9 12 p.m. The second day is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Childcare time will be increased by one hour every day.

When I sent my son to daycare and said goodbye to him, he cried a lot, as I expected. But when I picked him up, he didn’t cry any more. His teacher told me that he enjoyed rhythm play today. He ate up lunch as well. He looked so happy to have a meal. I was a little bit worried about him and whether he could do well in daycare, but I felt relieved to hear that. My son loves eating, and the daycare provides a healthy lunch every day.

I hope he comes to like daycare because of the lunch first, and then he starts to enjoy the time spent there.