My Grandma and My Son

My grandma got dementia ten years ago, and her memory has been deteriorating slowly but definitely. She lives with her husband and daughter. I visit her about once a month with my family. Whenever we visit her, she welcomes us with a smile.  Although she needs a lot of help with her daily tasks, and she cannot live by herself anymore, she’s happy to take care of my 1-year-old son.  When I see the way she plays with my son, I almost forget that she has dementia.  She looks so energetic and can even hold my son (who’s 10 kgs) in her arms.  The situation is so peaceful and makes us feel happy.

However, after we go home, unfortunately my grandma’s memory is reset.  From what I heard from my grandpa, although he showed her the photo of my son, she could not remember who the small boy was.  Then my grandpa told her that the boy is her great grand-child, and he visited them today.  My grandma seemed surprised and said, “Do I have a great grand-child? Wow! I’d like to see him someday!”

This conversation already happened many times.

It’s so difficult for her to remember my son, and sometimes it’s almost impossible. 
It is so sad, but I hope that my son can remember that he is loved by his great grandma in the future.